Jimmy Jaxxon & Robert G. met on an underground party in hamburg . They realized quickly that they have the same interests: both were addicted to electronic music, both were DJing and always looking for outstanding parties all over the world! The music made them traveling around together to experience incredible parties, support friends and look for special moments in life. 

The music kept them going and one day they sat together coming up with the idea: "We should start something special"!
In the beginning of 2012 they started their project named "Jaxxon Under" as a collaboration of their individual styles. Always aiming on the creation of something new and bringing happiness and love to the crowd, they are expressing their feelings by their own style: groove-filled, from lazy Deep House music over to Tech House tunes.


Woodstock,Firenze (IT)
Silencio Club,Geneva (CH)
Pattern Bar, Los Angeles (US)
MeParty store, Mannheim (DE)
Nordstern Club, Basel (CH)
Antikschuppen, Bad Segeberg (DE)
EGO, Hamburg (DE)
A38, Budapest (HU)
Pattern Bar, Los Angeles (US)
Dunst & Getöse, Paderborn (DE)
Zoom Club, Frankfurt (DE)
Chapeu Rouge, Prague (CZ)
Tante Erna, Munich (DE)
Tabassco, Firenze (IT)
Hoch 3 Bar, Hamburg (DE)
Piano Beach, Hamburg (DE)
The Bassment, Manchester (UK)
Elephant Club, Bielefeld (DE)
Morlox, Berlin (DE)
Brunnen 70, Berlin (DE)
Aftershave,Innsbruck (AU)
Z6,Innsbruck (AU)
D3,Frankfurt (DE)
U Bukanyra House Boat, Prag (CZ)
Villa Nova, Hamburg (DE)
Tabu, Tirana (AL)
Birarria Shelter, Pristina (KO)
Friedas Büxe, Zürich (CH)
Skala, Bielefeld (DE)
Lightbox, London (UK)
Verboten, New York (US)

Chapeau!, Hamburg (DE)